2018 Rockland Woods Residents

Jamie-Lynn Gloade


By focusing on contemporary issues within our diverse society, Gloade strives to find the empowering side of the often ominous and destructive nature of a growing urban and social landscapes. 

Sueyeun JULIETTE Lee 

Sueyeun JULIETTE Lee is a writer and video artist who wants to speak with light as beautifully as it speaks into her. 

Kristen Ramirez

Kristen Ramirez is a studio and public artist who works with a variety of materials, employing vivid color and symbols from commerce to create work about place. 

June Sanders

June Sanders is an artist & photographer from Kennewick, WA — currently pursuing their MFA at Washington State University. Their work explores the intersections of gender, place, and the American landscape — looking at how we form our homes, our bodies, and our communities. 

Chris O'Leary

Chris O'Leary is an artist exploring art and science using photography, video and code.

Jabali Stewart

Jabali Stewart makes unabashed Afro-Punk music, and likes to play with soundscapes. 


Jodi Rockwell

Jodi Rockwell uses ceramic forms to emulate gravity and entropy relating to the body and landscape.  Rockwell co-founded Rockland.

Shawn Landis

Shawn Landis co-founded Rockland Residency  and is a multi-media artist and thinker living, raising a family and working in Seattle, WA ​

  Chris Cloud

Chris Cloud is a conceptual multimedia artist raised on the internet and television​.

Tessa Hulls

 Hulls is an artist/writer/adventurer/chef currently working on a nonfiction graphic novel.

Nse Ekpo

Nse creates memorable shared experiences between composers, performers, and listeners.

  Xi Jie NG (Salty)

Xi Jie Ng (Salty), from the tropical metropolis of Singapore, explores the inherent possibilities in the poetic, eccentric, and infinite everyday

Alayna Rasile

Alayna Rasile is a textile artist who works with FM transmitting, flotation, foraged colors and found fibers.

Monica Rojas-Stewart

Monica Rojas-Stewart is a scholar and multifaceted performing artivist.

Coco Spadoni

Appropriating objects or imagery from everyday life, Spadoni (re)imagines our relationship to them and therefore the way we understand the complexities of queer, conflicting and liminal identities.

Jasmine Zimmerman 

Jasmine Zimmerman is an International Artist & Designer who's work has been featured on the cover of the New York Times Arts, been commissioned in six countries & has done projects for Marc Jacobs, Chanel & Barneys New York.  


Mary Krochmalny

Creating art as an act of separating the mind from societal stimulation, Krochmalny seeks to illustrate the modern human experience and question where humans have subconsciously disconnected from nature.

Peter Bishop 

Peter Bishop is a scientific experimentalist sculptor and designer who's end results have a clean style.

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