Shawn shooting at WA Coast
On location at Moclips Beach outside of Seattle 2015
Jodi in her ceramic studio
Rockwell in her studio at her residence 3 blocks from Rockland
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Application Materials
  • Preferred dates
  • 2nd choice dates
  • 5-10 work samples
  • Intention & why Seattle
  • Favorite childhood toy
  • Website (optional)

The Rockland Residency program supports an individual or small collaborative group of dedicated artists in need of time and space to generate ideas, implement a project in the city, or connect with the opportunities found in Seattle.  The community of artists exists within the city rather than the program itself.  It is up to the individual/group to use their time in an isolated think-tank, branch out to make connections or both.  Rockland can act as a resource for navigating the city and local studios, and is not responsible for procurring opportunities for the artists.  



  • Proposals accepted for 3 week block periods

  • Individual or small collaborative group (1-3 artists)

  • Open [but not limited] to writers and artists in visual, new media, & performance 

  • Use the city as your studio

  • Network with artists and galleries

  • Explore the landscape to inspire your work

  • Use the Butterfly House as a space to generate ideas, draw, write and record

  • The Butterfly House can transform into studio space if the staff understands your specific needs prior to your residency or use Lil' Gal studio on site

  • Artists provide their own materials and equipment needs or utilize local studios

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