2018 Residents

Beatriz Rodriguez
February 6-27, 2018
Beatriz Rodriguez paints disorienting landscapes, combining representational structures with ambiguous shapes. This opens her process to improvisation which allows for colors, patterns, and different processes to take place. These arrangements adapt to each other to represent the acts of tropism that surround us and how that relates to places that are always evolving. In her paintings, real and imagined places with different geological elements can coexist to transcend into a new place.  Beatriz will be coming from Miami to Seattle, two opposing landscapes on the furthest corners of the country, to be inspired by this dramatic change.
Image: Hither, acrylic, mixed media on paper, 2017

Henriikka Kontimo, Resident 2016

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán

January 15- February 5, 2018



Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán is an activist/organizer, critic, educator, and multimedia artist, employing visual, acoustic, performative, textual, and terrestrial approaches to produce his work. Currently at Rockland Residency's Butterfly House, Bodhrán is completing his third book and intersecting multimedia project, Yerbabuena/Mala yerba, a womanist/queer/trans multiracial (Indigenous, African, Latinx, Arab, Jewish) remapping of New York and California. From the South Bronx, he is grateful to be in Duwamish territory.



Image: Embers of a New Society I Bring You #79, photograph. 2017


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