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The New Rockland Residency in the Central District Is So Cool


by Jen Graves • March 28, 2016


This is the house in the Central District where nine months of short-term rentals pays for three months of free artist residencies every year now, thanks to artists Shawn Landis and Jodi Rockwell. COURTESY OF SHAWN LANDIS AND JODI ROCKWELL


You know what, these artists are smart and there's nothing that smells like BS or needs unpacking in their press release—I particularly like that they want the artists to be part of the neighborhood—so I'm just going to let them tell you about the brand new Rockland Residency (emphases mine):

"It was life-changing."

        -Katherine Trimble, resident 2016







May 4, 2016                    

"Artists from around the world have free place to stay and create in Seattle, thanks to 2 ceramic artists"

                          Column by Jerry Large


May 29, 2016

"Seeing Seattle for the first time, imagining its possibilities and places to explore, is an experience that can evoke some serious inspiration."

-Lindsey Gjording

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