Jodi Rockwell & Shawn Landis

Rockland supports artists by providing free accommodations, time and connections in a city alive with creative possibility. Bringing artists to the Central District of Seattle contributes to the cultural flavor of our diverse neighborhood.  To make this a sustainable project, Rockland hosts artists 3 months out of the year and rents the Butterfly House for 9 months.  In this way, short term renters support the arts and for that, we thank you!   


The residency is open to anyone engaged in a creative process involving and not limited to: visual art, writing, music, performance and new media.  Our goal is to share what we have established for ourselves in property and networking to link dedicated artists outside of the Seattle area to those within.  














Shawn Landis & Jodi Rockwell



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Jodi Rockwell & Shawn Landis